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Items of Interest

**SDLC 110, 111, 112, and 113 students need to schedule their first spring 2018 consultation with Dr. Marsh-Soloway. 

Select a meeting time using the SignUpGenius form at the following link:

Benny Lewis: TEDx Talk on Rapid Language Hacking

ACTFL Inverted Pyramid Proficiency Scale

New Electronic Catalog of Global Studio Language-Learning Materials

Over the last few weeks, our fantastic team of Global Studio Fellows have been creating an electronic catalog of language learning materials on reserve in INTC 226. There are interesting resources for Korean, Turkish, Hindi, Hebrew, and Portuguese See the ongoing collection, here. Use the tag list to focus your search.

Vocaroo for sharing audio files with language partners

Vocaroo is a great free tool to share audio recording files with your language partners. Check it out!

Open-Source Repository of Grammar Reference Textbooks

In internet searches, I came across an open-source repository of grammar reference books pertaining to a wide variety of different languages. Feel free to peruse the collection, here

Lang-8 and HiNative Communities for Native Speaker Feedback

This is a great free resource to get free feedback from native speakers of your target language. On the site, you can receive commentary on submit writing samples, or address questions of grammar and usage to an active online community. You can access the site, here. **Note: Lang-8 stopped accepting new members, but you can still access similar networking resources for writing feedback on their new site, HiNative


Library of recordings from endangered languages.

International News Resources

Check out this curated list on interesting foreign-language news resources!

World Atlas of Language Structures

Endangered Languages Project

Which languages are the hardest to learn?

Here's a chart! What is difficult about the language you're learning?

Try Mango Languages 

Just starting a language?  The University now provides Mango Languages, which offers beginning or 'survival' language lessons in many languages.  To try Mango, go the Boatwright Library web, click Research Databases > M, and look for Mango Languages.  Once you have created an account through the Library site, you can download the Mango Languages app and use it on your mobile device.


Fall 2017 International Film Series

There are several exciting screenings in the University of Richmond Fall 2017 International Film Series. See the full schedule, here

Articulatory Phonetics Memes

Preserving Regional German Dialects

This article from Deutsche Welle discusses what is lost when regional variants of a language are lost. It also discusses the difference between a language and a dialect and why 'dialects' are losing ground in Germany.

Radio Segment on North Koreans on South Korean TV

On Sunday, January 31, 2016, NPR had a radio feature on the appearance of North Koreans on South Korean reality TV.  You can listen to the segment here: .

An Interview with Linguist K. David Harrison on When Languages Die



Slate article:  Photos of Women Who Could Go to Prison for Singing for Men

A series of photographs and a very brief discussion of things women in Iran are forbidden to do, including singing for me and studying English literature.


The 'Halal Internet'

A Deutsche Welle article about the 'Halal Internet' coming to Iran has been posted as a discussion item in the Persian group.  Join the discussion!


The Free Dictionaries Project

Looking for a free dictionary?  Check out the Free Dictionaries Project!  Especially interesting are the picture dictionaries.


Alphabet Blocks for Hebrew, Korean, and Arabic

The Global Studio now has alphabet blocks for Hebrew, Korean, and Arabic.  (The Arabic may be useful for the Persian learners.)  There are also magnetic letters for Hebrew.

What can you do with alphabet blocks and magnetic letters?  Quiz yourself on the letters, put them together to form words, and learn the names of the animals pictured on one side of the blocks.  The Korean blocks seem to have a puzzle, too.  Want to try?  Ask at the Global Studio desk!


Visit the Conflict Kitchen, a take-out restaurant that serves food from countries with which the US is in conflict.





Finding Books in Your Language

A number of people have asked about finding children's books, 'easy readers', and popular fiction in the SDLAP languages.  The Global Studio has children's books in Swahili and Turkish (thanks to Professor Grove), and I'm willing to buy more.  However, I prefer to buy books that are culturally authentic, i.e., not translated from English.


I have found the following online bookstores that seem to have a good selection.  Please send me (Prof. Scinicariello) a list of things you…


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What is Social Bookmarking? (That's Diigo)

Wikipedia: A Short Explanation

YouTube: Social Bookmarking in Plain English--This is about Delicious, but the theory is the same.

YouTube: Diigo V.3--This video has information about Diigo groups.

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Kevin Kim posted a blog post

Learning Journal 4

Hangul, the Korean alphabet, has 19 consonants and 21 vowels. Each letter has its own distinct pronunciation with little to no exceptions. This makes Hangul a very logic based language. There are several sounds that do not exist in the English language making it difficult for non-natives to learn the phonetics of the language. Despite being born in Korea, I was able to learn the phonetics of English well because I came at a young age. However for my parents, they are still unable to speak with…See More
Sarah Kwon posted a blog post

Journal #5

What interests me most about Korea is their music. Music is related to language because lyrics are essential to many songs. Many songs can also tell you more about the culture of Korea. Many times traditional music in Korea also tell you a lot about their history. Big events in history are often shared through music and remembered that way. Contemporary music may also be reflective of the trends in Korea. You do need some special vocabulary for this topic since you would want to understand the…See More
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Bi-Weekly 1 (113)

For the past two weeks, our group went over grammar, writing, and speaking using activities that Youngmin created for us. We have also been using a workbook and textbook that I found to be at the perfect difficulty for me. It is challenging, but not too difficult for me to have a hard time keeping up with the lesson being taught. So far, for the past two weeks we have been going over different grammatical structures. We have been applying what we have been learning with writing and speaking…See More
Ellen Brooks posted a blog post

Learning Journal #2

I am very motivated to learn Sanskrit from a personal perspective. After living in Nepal and learning Nepali, I became very passionate about Eastern culture. Sanskrit is the root of many Asian languages and there are so many similarities between what I learned in Nepali and the Sanskrit roots. Learning the language will allow me to explore much more about the religious culture surrounding the language including interpretation of religious texts. I am also very interested in the relationship…See More
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